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Caring 4 Kids long day care in Sydney caters for children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. We aim to create links between the children, their home life and our centre to ensure consistency is provided to their daily routine.

Caring 4 Kids is committed to developing each child to their full potential. Caring 4 Kids prides themselves in high quality care and education tailored to your child’s individual interests, strengths and abilities.

Our Sydney Childcare Centres are governed by the National Quality Framework and implement the National Curriculum called the Early Years Learning Framework. We offer qualified experienced educators and a quality educational program developed by university trained Early Childhood Teachers.

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As a family owned and operated company with over 10 years of experience, Caring 4 Kids is a leading child care centre in Five Dock Great North Rd that has been providing quality child care.

At Caring 4 Kids we pride ourselves in our internal programs including:

  • Caring 4 Kids School readiness/pre-school program
  • Caring 4 Kids Language program teaching children Italian and Spanish. (Program is provided internally using Alpha Tykes resources).
  • Caring 4 Kids Soccer /Multi sports program teaching Soccer, Cricket, AFL & Basketball. (Program provided by Soccer Joeys and Sports Tots).
  • Caring 4 Kids Olympic Sports Program teaching Soccer, Hockey, Athletics and European Handball. (Program is provided by Little Champions)
  • Caring 4 Kids Zumba Dance and Yoga program. (Program provided by Little Champions).

We are a family owned and operated company, and have been offering quality care and education for over 10 years. We have a strong and experienced team of managers supporting and leading our educators.

Our mission is to provide your child with the best education and care within a safe and happy environment within our high quality child care centres in Sydney.


At Caring 4 Kids Sydney we strive to provide the most superior care within the region. With our qualified and highly experienced staff we ensure your child and family receive attention second to none.

With respect to your children we always work to develop their strengths and interests through a number of learning experiences, keeping in mind that the children are individuals and develop on an individual level.

We embrace cultural diversity and encourage the children to become familiar with a variety of cultures and their customs. We encourage socially responsible behaviour towards others and to develop a positive feeling of self-worth.

We work with predictable routines throughout the day and we find this offer consistent care within a flexible framework of many parents’ busy work schedules. We also encourage children with additional needs to become involved in all aspects of each programme and provide adaptable experiences and routines to promote this inclusion.

Our staff always base the children’s program around the children’s interests, emerging skills and strengths. We do this to ensure the programme is meaningful and tailored to the needs of each child.

With respect to families we develop partnerships that help create links between the children, their home life and the centre.

We always provide a welcoming atmosphere accompanied with a smile. We believe that through active communication we allow families to feel encouraged to participate in the daily works of the centre which creates a better sense of belonging for each child.

We always provide a welcoming atmosphere accompanied with a smile. We elieve that through active communication we allow families to feel encouraged to participate in the daily works of the centre which creates a better sense of belonging for each child.

We also provide awareness and knowledge on current early childhood issues, standards and practices, whether it is changes to the law or important information announced locally, state-wide or nationally.

With respect to staff we always appreciate what each member brings to the centre and the children. Providing staff with guidance and ongoing support allows them to reach professional satisfaction and growth to ultimately provide a better service for our families. We support the staff with ongoing training and development to further their skills and development in their field. Most importantly we have an inclusive policy to ensure each staff member is a team player and works as a team. With respect to the Environment we always provide a safe, hygienic and secure environment where the children learn through play.

We believe that the physical environment plays an important role in the development and learning of children. We will endeavor to provide and maintain an environment that will develop each child to their individual potential.

We believe that children and staff spend a large amount of time within our childcare centres so we believe it is most important to create a home like environment with comfort, safety, convenience, education and aesthetics taken into account at all times.

For more information about our mission or to make an appointment to see one of our Centres in Five Dock Great North Rd and Five Dock East Street in Sydney, please call us today.

Happy kids, happy parents

The Caring 4 Kids Child Care Centre is a great place. The area was really in need of such a facility. The People are professional, helpful and more importantly approachable in any of our requests.

Megan & Paul

Once again I would like to thank you and the staff for looking after our precious girl. Everyone we know has commented on her growth of confidence she has had since she has been under your care.

Dianne Bell

Thanks to the team at Caring 4 Kids, our little one has really settled in well in childcare. He absolutely loves the facility and his favourite in the yard is the big sand pit.

Sally & John
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