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About Us

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Caring 4 Kids Kindergarten

We are committed to developing each child to their full potential.

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About Us

Caring 4 Kids Kindergarten are family owned long day care centres catering for children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. We aim to create links between the children, their home life and our centre to ensure consistency is provided to their daily routine.

Caring 4 Kids Kindergarten is committed to developing each child to their full potential. We prides ourselves on high quality education and care tailored to your child’s individual interests, strengths and abilities.

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Our Philosophy

Commitment to Children’s Learning

We believe that providing a safe and secure learning environment is the key to a happy, healthy, confident and thriving child through nurturing and consistent relationships. Educators support children’s agency by empowering children to be confident and involved learners. This is achieved by using the children’s voices, their interests and development, as a basis to intentionally implement our educational program. We use the EYLF and Belonging Being and Becoming to guide the implementation of our educational environment. We encourage children to be environmentally responsible and teach them the importance of sustainable practices and utilise the outdoor setting including excursions as an equally important learning environment.

Our highly skilled educators provide a welcoming, respectful and inclusive environment. We aim to achieve a sense of belonging for the children by recognising and celebrating their culture, facilitating a connection with their home, families and communities. We acknowledge that these are the relationships children and their families value the most. We believe in fostering meaningful relationships with children to guide the educational program and prescribe to the ‘circle of security’ program to establish trusting relationships and provide secure transitions. Equally, we strive to nurture supportive relationships between children and encourage them to celebrate one other’s achievements. We aspire to provide more cross-room collaboration with the children to allow opportunities to support, grow and learn from each other.

Professional Partnerships with Families and Children

Professional Development and On-Going Learning

We believe that the early years of a child’s life are the most influential. Our educators take pride in their profession and are supported to engage in individualised professional development and reflection, enabled by a supportive and respectful team that values continuity and longevity within the team.

We recognise and value the cultures, histories and rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We are committed to working towards national reconciliation by integrating aspects of culture throughout the year in a respectful and meaningful way, reflective in our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Our Commitment to Reconciliation

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