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Caring 4 Kids, the leading child care centre in Five Dock East St caters for children from six weeks to six years of age with an aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children.

Our professionals are committed to providing services that develop each child to their full potential. The internal programs offered by our child care centre are designed in such a way to enhance children’s strengths, abilities, and choice.

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The quality educational programs offered by our child care centre are developed by university trained Early Childhood Teachers.

Our Internal Child Care Programs:
  • School readiness/pre-school program
  • Language program (Italian and Spanish)
  • Soccer /Multi sports program
  • Olympic Sports Program
  • Zumba Dance and Yoga program

Our language program is provided internally using Alpha Tykes resources. Multi sports program involves teaching Soccer, Cricket, AFL & Basketball by Soccer Joeys and Sports Tots.

The kids are also given special advanced training on Soccer, Hockey, Athletics and European Handball by Little Champions.

At Caring 4 Kids, we create a warm, welcoming and supporting environment for the kids to encourage them to learn, play and grow. The educators here are knowledgeable and take responsibility in instilling socially responsible behaviour in students towards others and developing a positive feeling of self-worth. They always base children’s program around the children’s interests, skills, and strength. Special training programs are available for educators to provide awareness and knowledge on current early childhood issues, standards, and practices. They are trained on the proper usage of the latest educational approaches and tools, customised specifically for the development of your child.

The safe, fun and nurturing environment at our child care centre in Five Dock East St enables your child to explore, interact and learn through play. Our dedicated staffs are experts in creating an individualised program that fosters each child’s skills for early childhood development.

Caring 4 Kids – The Right Choice to Decide What’s Right for You and Your Child!!

Hours of operation: 7.30am – 6:00pm

Address: 1 East Street, Five Dock NSW 2046

Phone: (02) 9713 9500   Fax: (02) 9713 6007



What are the security measures you have in place to protect my child?

At Caring 4 Kids child care in Five Dock, we have a full intercom system with Onsite Parking & proper security to protect your child. Your child’s safety is our top priority. We will ensure you a peace of mind, when your child is entrusted with us. We own a fully fenced facility and make sure that all the visitors register at the entrance to tour our facility. Even if the parent is not available to pick the child in person, we make sure that the parent provides the name of the individual, who is approaching to pick up the child. We will check the identification and ask various questions and check with your provided contact number until we are convinced.


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How do I find a reliable child care in Five Dock?

The best way to identify a reliable child care, is to ask for references and check out the reviews on the website of the child care that you are intending to send your child.  Then you should filter out the list of child care centres Five Dock according to your budget. After that, you should check the following when you make a tour to the child care centre –

  • The activities that are followed by the kids during the day.
  • The meal pattern
  • The educational qualification of the teachers
  • Safety measures, and
  • Accreditations


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How do I track my child’s activities at school?

At Caring 4 Kids we offer an online program ‘STORY PARK ‘to track your kid’s daily program, portfolios and much more. Therefore, you can view any of your child’s published observation at your convenient place, using the STORYPARK FAMILIES APP. Call (02) 9713 9500 to enrol your kid in the best child care in Five Dock NSW


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Is my child allowed to carry toys from home?

At Caring 4 Kids child care in Five Dock, we insist that no playthings be brought from home to the centre. It is because, there are a number of children, and we cannot be held responsible for anything that is misplaced or broken. So, we encourage using only the toys provided by us. We keep the toys clean and sanitised regularly. If we see that any flu infected kids touch the toy, we make sure that the toy reaches the cleaning area after the kid has finished using it.


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Do you follow a scheduled meal time for the kids?

Of course, we do. At Caring 4 Kids child care in Five Dock, we have a scheduled meal time for the kids in our child care in Five Dock. Our daily meal plan is approved by the NSW Health.

Our meal timings are

  • Breakfast between 7.30am-8.30am
  • Morning Tea at 9.30am
  • Lunch 11.30/12pm
  • Afternoon Tea at 2.30pm
  • Late Afternoon Tea at 5pm

Our menu includes foods from a variety of cultures, satisfying the special nutritional requirements of the kids.


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What are the internal programmes provided by you?

At Caring 4 Kids child care in Five Dock, we offer a school readiness pre-school program, to develop the basic skills of the kids, which will help them to switch over to the school environment and adapt easily.

  • We also offer zumba and Yoga
  • Soccer & Multisports Program
  • Language Programmes to help them learn Italian and Spanish and
  • An online program – STORYPARK to keep the family members updated with the online access to the child’s portfolios, photos, the daily program journal and much more.


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