Does Daycare Help Baby Sleep? Tactics to Help Your Baby Sleep Well

As a mother, putting your child into the childcare is always a tough decision to make.  But, if you are looking to returning to work for financial reasons, then you are left with no options instead to put up your child in a day care. When your kid had been napping well in a regular routine at home, you might be apprehensive about how day care might influence your child’s sleep. Here are a few tactics, that will help your child to get familiar with the child care sleep routine –

  • Avoid Napping Your Baby In Darkness – Your baby is going to experience more light and noise at the day care than at home. In case, if your baby is used to napping with minimal lighting, then you are sure to face a trouble. So keep the lighting levels in your rooms at a similar level by allowing the sunlight inside. Another added advantage is, your baby will learn to differentiate between day and night time sleep.
  • Pack The Right Comfort And Familiar Sleep Aids – Every child care centre five dock must precisely follow the safe sleep and SIDS guidelines. So, have this in mind, when you pack the comforters for your child. It is also a good idea to ensure that you have a spare set of the sleep aids for your child to serve this purpose. You can provide a Sleeping bag, comforter, or any dummy that your child is used to. Check with your child care five dock about their policy and the supplies that you can provide for your kid.
  • Familiarise your Kid with Sleep Cues – Create simple sleep cues like – gentle bum pats, stroking baby’s hair or use the same sleeping bag that you use at home. This way, your child will know that it’s sleep time.
  • Visit your Child care in Advance – Visit the child care five dock facility frequently with your child before you join back to work. Wait there and play with your little one, and help them get acquainted with the surroundings. You can also arrange short sittings for an hour or so for the baby at the child care five dock NSW. This will give them an assurance that you will come back to pick them up. You can also arrange for a nap practice session in the new environment.
  • Discuss with the Staff – Talk to the day care staff about your child’s sleep routine at home. Let them know what your child’s bedtime routine consists of. Most child care five dock will welcome this knowledge. They will also be ready to use this information you provided, to make your child feel comfortable and secure.

Moreover after you have enrolled your child, ask your day care provider as to how things are going on, how long did your child nap and what assistance they took to go to sleep. It is quite normal as a parent to worry about how this transition is going to affect your baby. You may visibly notice some snags during the first few weeks. But, don’t worry kids adapt quicker to any environment than we actually anticipate.

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