How To Make Travelling With Kids Easier

How To Make Travelling With Kids Easier

The holiday season is nearly here and for many of us, it’s  chance to get away for a break.

While it’s fun to relax and explore new places, travelling with children can sometimes feel like a lot of work. Some parents even joke that going on holidays with young kids means doing all the same cooking and cleaning that they do at home, only without the resources they’re used to!

The key to travelling with children is preparedness. Not necessarily a crack military operation, but arming yourself with the tools to make the journey a little bit smoother. If you are planning a holiday this summer, here are some tips that might mean you get a moment or two of extra relaxation.

Don’t Cram Too Much In

You’re on holiday, you want to experience it all, but you also need to pace yourself. As anyone who has tried to leave the house with a baby or toddler will tell you, everything takes more time with kids. Factor in plenty of time to get where you need to be so you don’t have to spend the whole journey saying “hurry up!”. You want to see the sights, but depending on your child, you might be better off, say, keeping an hour or two in the afternoon to chill, especially if you’re planning on eating dinner out.

Plan Ahead

Winging it was something that you might have loved doing in the time before children, but it’s less fun when there’s a grumpy toddler in the picture. Not that you have to have your entire schedule mapped out, but knowing you have a bed for the night will make the travel less stressful.

Take Short Cuts That Make Your Life Easier

Maybe your child is almost completely toilet trained. Perhaps you cook each child for your meal at home. That’s not to say you can’t cut a corner or two. If you’re going to be clocking up many hours of travel in one day and the toilet situation is not the best, it’s not the end of the world to have a pull-up nappy day. Similarly, even if you would never consider using packaged baby food in your day to day life, you might want to have a few stashed away for an emergency.

Use Public Transport Where Possible

Obviously, if you’re on the Great Australian Road Trip this doesn’t apply, but it’s worth considering your public transport options rather than using the car. That way, you can hang out with your child and chat, instead of having to concentrate on the road and listen to the GPS.

Pack Medicine Kits

If you’re going overseas or to somewhere where there’s unlikely to be an all-night chemist shop in the vicinity, put together a kit with the basic medicines you’re likely to need, such as children’s paracetamol, rehydration solution in case of gastro and band-aids. It means you can tackle problems earlier and if you are staying somewhere like a resort or hotel, it might be cheaper, too.

And Some Wipes

No matter what age your kid, there’s always a use for wipes. Sticky fingers, smeary faces, spillages, having a packet of wipes on hand can get you back on the road in no time.

Healthy Snacks

We all like to indulge a little on holiday, but don’t forget to chuck in some nutritious snacks so they’re not going non-stop on the sugary and fried food groups.

Watch What They Pack

Little ones love to help pack. But just keep an eye on them in case they slip in 5878 stuffed toys, the TV remote and a brick when you are not looking.

Have a great holiday! 

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