What Do I Need To Pack For Childcare?

What Do I Need To Pack For Childcare?


Sending your child off to childcare is a whole new world and it can be a little daunting to know what you need to bring. It doesn’t help that what you need to send varies depending on the type of childcare or even from centre to centre. At Caring 4 Kids, we ask that you bring the following items:


Please pack a fitted cot sheet and either a blanket or top sheet depending on the weather for nap time. We encourage you to use whatever they are used to sleeping in at home, so they can have a consistent experience. So, if you use a baby sleeping bag at home, it’s fine to send it along. Just make sure it’s SIDS approved. Whatever they sleep in, you’ll need to bring it home regularly for washing.

Water Bottle

Preferably one with a cap or other covering for hygiene purposes. It’s also good if the design opens easily, which means your child can get a drink without assistance

Baby Bottle and Dummy (if you use them)

If your child uses any of these, please make sure that they have a lid to keep them clean.

Comfort Item (if you use them)

Some children like to sleep with a specific item, so it’s fine to send it along. To spare tears at bedtime, you might like to make sure you have a spare, in case you forget to bring it home every day.


We take sun protection seriously and encourage you to pack a broad-brimmed bucket hat or legionnaire-style cap. Ordinary caps do not provide adequate protection for the neck. 

A Change of Clothes

Or two or three. Maybe more if they are toilet training. And don’t forget spare socks. It’s also a good idea to pack a few items to accomodate unexpected changes in weather, such as a jacket or warmer clothing in summer and a t-shirt in winter. As with all clothing, we discourage singlets and spaghetti straps because they do not provide adequate sun protection. 

Medicines and special foods

If your child needs to take medicine or you want to send in food for your child, please make sure you hand it into your child’s carer and fill in the form. Please don’t leave it in your child’s bag as it is a safety hazard

Don’t Bring Toys

We discourage children from bringing in toys from home. They might be a safety hazard for younger children in the centre or get lost. If your child needs to bring something for centre activities, your child’s carer can direct you where to put it as needed.

Label Everything

Finally, whatever you send in from home, please make sure you put your child’s name on it so if it gets misplaced or accidentally goes home with the wrong child, it can be easily returned to you.

Contact us if you have any more questions. 

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