Caring 4 Kids – Zumba Dance and Yoga Program


At Caring 4 Kids Zumba dance is an explosion of music, dance and energy that will keep your kids pumping. A fusion of the Zumba class you know and love with the psychology and physiology relevant to kids fitness.

Indeed, Zumba is an impactful Latin inspired dance/exercise that is a great form of cardio! Kids won’t even realize that they are getting a good workout because Zumbatomic classes are always fun-filled with great group energy.

Experienced, mature instructors deliver classes that emphasise RHYTHM, SELF CONFIDENCE, SOCIAL SKILLS and FITNESS.


At Caring 4 Kids, Yoga is a fun and healthy way for children to explore their bodies and mind. It has many physical, emotional and mental benefits which include; Developing body awareness, strength and flexibility, increasing balance and co-ordination, regulating emotions and using self-control, maintaining focus and concentration, stimulating creativity and imagination and celebrating what makes them unique and being comfortable with who they are.

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