What Is a School-Readiness Program?

What Is a School-Readiness Program?

Whenever your child starts something new, parents and caregivers suddenly encounter a whole new lexicon. Getting your head around these can be tricky and it’s easy to feel like you’ve entered an alien world. But while a term like “School Readiness Program” seems fairly self-explanatory (wait until your child gets to school and they start throwing things like OOSH and COLA at you), it’s still helpful to understand exactly what it means for your child.

The School Readiness Program is an educational framework for children aged 3-6 years old. Once your child moves out of our baby rooms, they will participate in relevant activities each day that they are the centre. As the name suggests, it’s about laying the emotional and social foundations, as well as developing literacy and numeracy to make sure that when your child reaches school they are ready to thrive.

Sometimes, parents, who are worried that their child might start school behind the other kids, express concerns that childcare centres aren’t teaching children to read, write or do maths as they do in school.

But, the idea is not to replicate what the children will learn in future years. Children of this age do not have the same levels of concentration that older children have. Besides, It would make for a very boring experience when they enter kindergarten if they had to do things they already know!

Instead, a School Readiness Program involves using a range of age-appropriate methods, including games, story time, discussion, music and working in larger and smaller groups, to get them ready and excited for that moment they do start school. We use all sorts of media including books, posters and computers to expose children to a whole world of learning.

Here are some of the skills your child will gain in a School Readiness Program:

  • Develop independence and the skills to do things for themselves, such as making their own bed or putting things back into the locker
  • Looking after their own belongings, such as hats and clothes
  • Using the toilets without assistance
  • Dressing and undressing themselves
  • Writing and recognising the letters of the alphabet
  • Labelling each letter and saying the associated sound 
  • Counting, writing and recognising numbers
  • Doing simple addition and subtraction
  • Speaking in front of a group through Show-and-Tell with the Letter of the Week.
  • Work together in groups using open communication, demonstrating language skills and controlling emotions.
  • Holding a pencil, drawing and writing with control
  • Using scissors to cut
  • Learning to ask questions

As they practice, or even master, these skills it gives them the confidence they need to springboard into learning at school.

If you have any questions about our School Readiness Program and what it can do for your child, please contact us

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