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We offer a broad range of educational programs,carefully tailored to the goals and interests of each child.

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Sutherland Shire Childcare - Caring 4 Kids

Learning Through Play

We offer a broad range of educational programs, carefully tailored to the goals and interests of each child. Each group of children is led by a primary educator who takes the time to carefully observe each child. Our educators then create engaging activities that stimulate the imagination, arouse curiosity, encourage problem solving and help your child develop social skills. Most importantly, we create an environment that’s relaxed and enjoyable and encourages your child to have respect for themselves and others.

Early Years Learning
Framework (EYLF)

EYLF is a nationally approved learning framework under the National Quality Framework which outlines practices that support and promote children’s learning from birth to five years of age.The five learning outcomes are:

Children have a strong sense of identity

Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Children are confident and involved learners

Children are effective communicators

School Readiness Program

Educating your children in all areas of development is essential in preparing your child to be ready for school. Our school readiness program is implemented for your child as they reach the age of 3-6 years. This program assists children in developing a foundation of skills to aid in their transition into the school environment. At Caring 4 Kids Kindergarten, we teach your child the alphabet, numbers, colours, basic vocabulary and core phrases through an interactive play-base curriculum that includes singing, dancing, storytelling and craft. The program however does not only focus on literacy and numeracy, but also the social and emotional development of each child. Your child will learn to become more independent, responsible for their own belongings, regulate their emotions, and develop conflict resolution skills which are all as equally as important for your child’s transition to school.
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Extra-Curricular Activities

Baby Sensory Classes

Baby Sensory Classes provide our under 2 year olds to further develop their social and physical development through creative play, tummy time, visuals, movement, textures and music.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is a fun and healthy way for children to explore their bodies and mind with many physical, emotional and mental benefits. These include:

  • Developing body awareness, strength and flexibility
  • Increasing balance and co-ordination
  • Regulating emotions and using self-control
  • Maintaining focus and concentration
  • Stimulating creativity and imagination
  • Celebrating what makes them unique and being comfortable with who they are.

Sports Classes

Sports classes assists children in developing a foundation of skills in a variety of sports including soccer, football, basketball etc. This increases children’s confidence, independence, social and emotional skills.

Movement Classes

Movement classes provides children with the opportunity to gain a passion for music, movement and dance balancing and coordination.

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes provide a foundation of skills including problem solving, numeracy and turn taking. Cooking classes educate children on how to make healthy meals fun and delicious and healthy eating choices as they grow and develop. We celebrate each child’s culture through food to celebrate the varying cultures through the centre as culture and diversity are an important aspect of Caring 4 Kids Kindergarten.


Sustainability experiences are provided through our worm farm, compost, vegetable garden and recycling. Children are provided opportunities to grow a variety of different fruit and vegetables which is then used as part of our menu. Apart from learning new skills and having a responsibility of growing fresh produce, children are increasing their knowledge and understanding of the importance of being environmentally sustainable

Community Involvement

Community involvement provides children with opportunities to be involved and experience all the wonderful things the local community has to offer. This includes visits to local schools, cafes, libraries, parks, visits to the local police and fire department as well as walks through the community.

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