Caring 4 Kids Programmes & Services Included

Caring 4 Kids – School Readiness & Pre-School Program.
Caring 4 Kids – Zumba Dance and Yoga Program
Caring 4 Kids Soccer & Multisports Program
Caring 4 Kids – Language Programmes
Caring 4 Kids – Story Park

Our Child Care Centres

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child care fivedock



Where can I find program information?

At Caring4kids child care Five Dock NSW; we use an online program called STORYPARK to offer each family with online access to their child’s portfolio, the daily program journal, and more. From the comfort of your home or office, you can use the STORYPARK FAMILIES app to view what your child’s portfolio through a secured login. However, we are always happy to make one-one conversation when you need to know more about your child’s journey.

What extra activities can my child do at Caring4kids?

At Caring4kids child care in Five Dock, your child can participate in Zumba Dance, Yoga program, and Olympic Sports program that includes Soccer, Cricket, Athletics, and European Handball. Kid’s interests are encouraged through individual and group stimuli that can help develop their skills in the name of fun. Please call us on (02) 9713 9500 to have a chat with our staffs to know more about the extra activities that we provide in our child care centres in Five Dock.

Is food provided?

Yes, our child care centres in Five Dock provide meals and snacks from a variety of cultures.  We provide breakfast, lunch, morning, afternoon and late afternoon tea. The daily menu for each week is approved by NSW health.  Also, our staffs work with you to ensure every child’s specific dietary needs are catered for.

Why is it important to choose a child care that is specialised in early learning?

Early childhood education is crucial for your child’s development, as the care they receive lays the foundation for future schooling. Children who receive high-quality early childhood care tend to perform well in their academics than the children who have not attended an early childhood program. At Caring4kids child care in Five Dock, we are committed to developing each child to their full potential. We offer high-quality care and education that is tailored to a child’s strengths and interests.

What is meant by school readiness program?

The school readiness programs allow children of 3 years old to kindergarten to participate in early childhood education programs which help them to enter school with the skills and behaviour needed for them to flourish and progress. At Caring4kids, our school readiness program focuses not only literacy and numeracy but also the social and emotional development of a child. Each week, children’s in our child care centres in Five Dock practice writing letters via our letter of the week program.