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Dee Why Kindergarten

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child care centre-caring 4 kids
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Our Facility Is Now Open in Dee Why

We strive to achieve a sense of belonging for the children by recognising and celebrating their culture, facilitating a connection with their home, families and communities.

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Dee Why Kindergarten

Frequently Asked Questions

Caring 4 Kids have well-trained and educated staff to take care of kids as young as 6 weeks. We implement the National Quality Framework which promotes early children’s learning and ensures that your child is preschool ready. Our activities and programs vary based on the social, intellectual and physical needs of the children.

Yes, we have a nutritious menu that is well prepared onsite. Our menu aims to expose children to different kinds of culture and healthy foods like the green vegetables and fruits. In addition to that we are very detailed with the allergies of our children. Rest assured that our chef follows the dietary requirement of your child.

Yes we do. We ensure that the kids are well-prepared intellectually, physically and socially. We have fun and interactive programs like yoga, gardening and cooking lessons that they will enjoy. We also have multi-sport activities to help them to develop social skills and confidence.

Our Caring 4 Kids company has developed an app that parents and family members can access to view your kids photos and videos showing their day to day activities. Parents access to the app is provided upon enrollment.



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